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Round seven Preview Summer 2019/20


18:00 - ECU Jets vs Kingsway Kings – After a strong performance against top of the table Perth Pumas 2nd Team, ECU Jets find themselves still striving for their first win of the season. Whilst the Kingsway Kings, who are 3 places ahead, will be fighting for their 3rd win after a bumpy start to the season. Players to Watch: Alex Donev and Drilon Jusufi.

19:30 - Northern Hawks vs Perth Pumas – With the Northern Hawks B coming off a comfortable win, they will face top of the table Perth Pumas B, who require a win to maintain their position on top of the table. Players to Watch: Antonio Atanasovski and Zac Scampoli.

21:45 - Scarborough Sharks vs West Perth Bears – Both 2nd Teams are heading into this game following a loss and both seek a win to positively start the weekend. Whilst, the two are on the lower end of the table they aim for a change in results to see that they can reach the finals. Players to Watch: Hector Zizou and Sean McCracken.

20:30 - Who Ate All Depay’s vs Latinos – These two teams have had a powerful beginning to the season and both will have to be at their best this weekend as the game has the potential to shape the table significantly. Players to Watch: Samson Araya and Diego Gonzalez.


18:45 - Kingsway Kings vs Scarborough Sharks The Scarborough Sharks Women’s 2nd team and Kingsway Kings 2nd team find themselves on opposite ends of the ladder, with Scarborough Sharks in a close second by Goal Difference, and Kingsway Kings having a poor start to the season. The Kings must ensure their defence is highly disciplined as this season the Sharks have proven that they can finish their opportunities. Players to watch: Emma Ylias and Loren Baker

20:15 - Perth Pumas vs West Coast Cobras – With both teams having won their previous game, Perth Pumas Women’s 2nd team sit atop the table, whilst the West Coast Cobras Women’s B side are grasping 4th place after an unsteady start to the season. The Perth Pumas have technical excellence on the ball but lack defensive cohesion, and the individual strength of West Coast Cobras could prove to be their biggest strength and greatest weakness. Players to Watch: Abbey Woolley and Lauren Continibali

21:00 - Chico5 vs Northern Hawks – After the two teams lost in the last round, they will be determined for a win. Chico5 are in 5th place. This season the team has not yet won against the Northern Hawks, who have had mixed results thus far and are desperate for another win to remain at the top end of the table. Players to watch: Gina Jimenez and Tamia Halstead.


10:45 - Scarborough Sharks 2 vs Puma Cubs – As the Scarborough Sharks 2 Team come off their first loss of the season, they face the Puma Cubs which despite their young age, will not go down without a fight. This will surely be a game where the keepers need to come up big. Players to Watch: Campbell Williams and Josh Towie.

11:30 - Northern Hawks vs Perth Pumas – While the Northern Hawks are another one of the younger sides in the league, they also have a great number of new players. The Pumas have been one of the top sides in the league for the last year, and they will be tough to beat. Players to watch: Dean Kezurer and Lachie Byrd.

14:15 - Scarborough Sharks vs Kingsway Kings – The 3rd place Kingsway Kings had yet another win, this time against Perth Pumas who sit only once place ahead of them, the Scarborough Sharks came away with their first win of the season. Both teams will suffer if they become too complacent or rely too heavily on certain individuals. Players to Watch: Taj Murray and Nathan Goveas

15:00 - West Coast Cobras vs West Perth Bears – These two teams have had a tough start to the season, with both being in the bottom half of the table. The two have both come off a loss which should also heighten the importance of the game. The motivation should be easy to come by and this will hopefully lead to a very intense match. Players to Watch: John Goodlich and Tavis Hannah


13:15 - Kingsway Kings vs Perth Pumas – With the Perth Pumas Women’s 1st team remaining undefeated this season, the Kingsway Kings will look to change this, and in doing so, try to get themselves off the foot of the table. The reigning champions will not be easy to beat but the Kings have some impressive firepower of their own. LIVE STREAM. Players to Watch: Ange Cheaib and Jessica Lindquist.

Postponed - West Coast Cobras vs Northern Hawks – The Northern Hawks Women’s 1st eam are coming off a big loss that pushed them from 2nd to 3rd place, they find themselves slipping from the top of the table while the Cobras have a strong side but are still gelling as a unit. Both of these sides can be devastating at their best. Players to Watch: Lindsey Jobling and Chelsie Winchcombe.


12:15 - Northern Hawks vs Futsal Factory – The Northern Hawks find themselves in 2nd place after beating top of the table Phoenix FC last round whereas Futsal Factory who have had a rough start to the season, come off a loss and are in 8th place. Northern Hawks has a very diverse range of players making them capable of adapting in different situations but the Futsal Factory team are experienced enough to cause problems for any team on any given day. Players to Watch: Chez Houston and Jon Van Der Heiden.

15:45 - West Perth Bears vs Perth Pumas – The Perth Pumas Men’s team come off a tough draw against Scarborough Sharks will be up against a West Perth Bears team that is within touching distance on the ladder. The West Perth Bears as well as the Perth Pumas have turned to many of their young players in their recent games, which will make for an interesting match. LIVE STREAM. Players to Watch: Gideon Servatius and Mackenzie Meerkotter.

17:45 - Phoenix FC vs Who Ate All Depay’s – This will be a game of great importance as Phoenix FC who top the ladder despite a loss to 2nd placed Northern Hawks, will face 4th placed Who Ate All Depay’s Men’s after they had a convincing win against West Coast Cobras. This match will definitely be a tale of contrasting styles, with Phoenix liking to dominate possession and tempo and Depay’s wanting to play at a very high intensity. Players to Watch: Diego Garcia and John Philippidis

18:45 - Scarborough Sharks vs West Coast Cobras – Neither team had a win last round and will be looking to make the most of this clash, the Sharks to get back into finals contention and for the Cobras, to remain in the top 3. Both teams are aggressive and play end to end futsal so this match could see a grandstand finish if the scoreline stays close towards the end of the match. Players

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