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MATCH ELIGIBILITY - Below is taken directly from the  Supa-Liga Rules.


Players who are on the “Key Player list” (formerly Top 6 list) of their clubs MSL or WSL MVP votes (hereon in referred to as the “Key Player list”) players, in the previous season cannot play more than 1 match in the MSLC or WSLC in the following season. They are only allowed to play the number of matches required for qualification for finals in the MSLB or WSLB ( matches), and no more. There can only be one player from the Key Player list in any particular MSLB, MSLC, WSLB or WSLC game.


 a) If a player is born in 2006 or later, and they were in the Key Player list of the MSL or WSL votes, they will be exempt from the Key Player restrictions.

b) If a player transfers clubs, and they were in the Key Player list of their previous club, that player is then counted as an extra player on top of the Key Player list for their new club.

c) Goal-keepers who appear on the Key Player list are exempt from the restrictions if they play on the court in a lower category. Only if they play as the goal-keeper (at any point in the game, if they are the designated keeper) will the game count towards their limit.



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