With links to Professional European clubs being cultivated by West Coast Futsal, the importance of playing regularly on the international court from a younger age cannot be overstated. A pathway that has never existed for Australian futsal players is being created and the current crop of Supa-Liga players have been the first to look to put themselves in the shop window.

With the move to Perth Modern School in Subiaco for the Summer 2018/19 season, the Supa-Liga will be the first competition in Australia to have 3 divisions playing on an international size court.

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The Futsal Supa-Liga started in 2012 and was originally based at Hollywood Futsal Club in Nedlands. During its time at Nedlands and Altone Park the competition featured only men’s teams . In 2015 Supa-Liga expanded into  women's competitions and moved to Kingsway Indoor Stadium in 2015. Since the inception of the Supa-Liga. Over time there has been a progression away from the social style of playing on a small court (basketball size), with 5 or 6 players playing for long periods of time without making subs, towards a professional approach of utilising larger squads to increase the tempo of play while also increasing the technical and tactical quality. The addition of the Supa-Liga B for both men and women, as well as the Youth Supa-Liga has seen the depth and quality grow within the Supa-Liga, while also expanding the pool of talent on show.


The Supa-Liga was founded by West Coast Futsal staff, Andreas Servatius and April Mann in 2011. Along the journey quite a few of WA futsal’s well-known characters have had a hand in the Supa-Liga. Current manager Brittany Ralph became involved with West Coast Futsal through a friend, former Australian World Cup player Emmanuel "Manni"Harihiru, and is moving into her third season in charge.