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With links to Professional European clubs being cultivated by Futsal WA, the importance of playing regularly on the international court from a younger age cannot be overstated.


A pathway that has never existed for Australian futsal players is being created and the current crop of Supa-Liga players have been the first to look to put themselves in the shop window.

With the move to Perth Modern School in Subiaco for the Summer 2018/19 season, the Supa-Liga will be the first competition in Australia to have 3 divisions and an established  junior pathway playing on an international size court.

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The Futsal Supa-Liga started in 2012 and was originally based at Hollywood Futsal Club in Nedlands. During its time at Nedlands and Altone Park the competition featured only men’s teams . In 2015 Supa-Liga expanded into  women's competitions and moved to Kingsway Indoor Stadium in 2015. Since the inception of the Supa-Liga.


Over time there has been a progression away from the social style of playing on a small court (basketball size), with 5 or 6 players playing for long periods of time without making subs, towards a professional approach of utilising larger squads to increase the tempo of play while also increasing the technical and tactical quality. 


The addition of the Supa-Liga B and C for both men and women, as well as the Youth Supa-Liga has seen the depth and quality grow within the Supa-Liga, while also expanding the pool of talent on show.


The Supa-Liga was founded by Futsal WA staff, Andreas Servatius and April Mann in 2011. Along the journey quite a few of WA futsal’s well-known characters have had a hand in the development of Supa-Liga.


Youth Men’s International Futsal Alliance World Cup winning coach and current Australian Women’s head coach Greg Farrell has overseen the development of futsal in WA since arriving from Queensland in 2015. This has coincided with an enormous growth in the quality and quantity of futsal being played at both the social and elite levels, although his focus has primarily been on the higher end of the futsal spectrum in recent years.

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