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The transfer policy encompasses all the Supa-Liga competitions


1.     Players can change clubs during the close season without hindrance, however, in order to be registered by a new club (before or during a season), individual players must be financial with their previous club.

2.     For the purposes of this policy, “club A” will refer to the club the player is leaving, and “club B” to the club that they wish to join.

3.     The Captain/Coach/administrator of club A must agree to the transfer, for a free transfer to occur.

4.     Club B must pay an agreed upon transfer fee (agreed upon by the Captain/Coaches/administrator) capped at $150 to Club A.

5   The Captain/Coach/administrator of Club B must inform the Supa-Liga via email ( that this has occurred and complete the player transfer request form .

6.      The transfer request form has to be completed by 12pm on the Wednesday before a weekend of league matches commences for that player to be eligible to play that weekend.

7.   The player will be de-registered for Club A and registered for Club B and both parties will be emailed to confirm a successful transfer.

8.     If Club B doesn’t have a spare position on their team registration, they must de-register a player, or cancel the transfer.

9.     If a transfer will cause a violation of the Supa-Liga Rules, then the transfer will be cancelled, and the player will remain with club A.

10.   In the event of a disputed transfer or where the fee cannot be agreed, the Supa-Liga Manager will correspond with the parties involved and seek as much information as possible before making a final ruling. This ruling is not subject to appeal.

11.    The transfer window for the Summer 2023/24 season begins on Friday 13/10/2023 at 5pm WST and concludes on Monday 29/01/2024 at 5pm WST.

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