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Players who have finished in the top 6 of their clubs MSL or WSL MVP votes hereon in referred to as the “Top 6 list” - Below is taken directly from the  Supa-Liga Rules.


2.  Players who have finished in the top 6 of their clubs MSL or WSL MVP votes in the previous season cannot play more than 15% matches in the MSLC or WSLC in the following season. They are only allowed to play the number of matches required for qualification for finals in the MSLB or WSLB ( matches), and no more. There can only be one Top 6 list player in a particular MSLB, MSLC, WSLB or WSLC game.

        2.1    If a player is born in 2005 or later, and they feature in the Top 6 list of the MSL or WSL votes, they will not have the restrictions placed on them of the top 6. The club will have one less player on their Top 6 list if this is the case. (Players listed below with a (*) are born 2005 or later)


        2.2   If a player transfers clubs, and they were in the top 6 of their previous club, that player is then counted as an extra player on top of the top 6 list, and is a seventh player with restrictions for that club, while the other club then only has five players on their Top 6 list. It is up to the clubs to keep track of games played.

       2.3     Goal-keepers who appear on the Top 6 list are exempt from the limitations if they play on the court in a lower category. Only if they play as the goal-keeper (at any point in the game, if they are the designated keeper) will the game count towards their limit. (Players listed below with a (GK) are Goal Keepers in the Top 6 List



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