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Round One of the Summer Supa-Liga 2019/20

Updated: Oct 8, 2019


Men’s Supa Liga A:

The Northern Hawks kicked off their campaign with a convincing 7 nil win over the West Perth Bears. Having just come back from the league win last season with an undefeated run through to the Semi Finals they seem to be the team to beat. Could Phoenix FC have what it takes to break this team down? Being newly promoted to the Men’s A grade with a solid win over the Scarborough Sharks six goals to three on Saturday certainly are to be considered up for the challenge.

The two other MSLA games certainly were interesting results with the two grand finalist teams, Who Ate all Depay’s and South Perth Puma’s taking no points home. Questions from spectators about where Who ate all Depay’s are HEADing this season with a loss in SLA & SLB. West Coast Cobras on the other hand fought right to the final whistle to maintain the one-point lead over the Puma’s. I must say that this game was highly entertaining with the players putting on a quality display of futsal!

Women’s Supa Liga A:

Kingsway Kings announced themselves on Saturday with a strong determined team. They took down the Cobras with a 6 – 2 win. New signings Laura Waltman and Bea Wan certainly made an impact on this game. Kings will be facing Puma’s next Saturday at 2pm in what will be a great game to watch.

Northern Hawks - Jade Paul

The second Women’s A game of the weekend was a tough and even match between the Sharks and Hawks women. Jade Paul from Hawks being the main driver on her side to get them the three points! She walked away as MVP for the match having slotted in 2 goals, check her post match photo to really see how happy she was about the result!



Photo of Peter after recieving his MVP award from The Vic.
Scarborough Sharks - Peter Jacobsz

Youth Supa-Liga:

From one extreme to the other, Sharks lose 13 – 0 to Hawks and then the second team defeat Cobras Youth 10 goals to 5. Our of this I would like to mention one particular new stand out player Peter Jacobsz. Those youth players who are wanting to win golden boot this season you have some work cut out for you. Peter has scored 6 goals in his debut!

We also had a good win from South Perth Pumas against the Puma Cubs 6 goals to 2 and Kings with the win against Bears 4 goals to 2.



Women’s Supa Liga B:

Chico5 are back and fought hard to get the win against last seasons League and Grand Final champions the Cobras. It was a great game by the Chico5 team who jumped on the technical errors made by the Cobras. Match MVP Valentina Hoyos scored a brace in the 4-2 win. We then saw a rather youthful but talented Pumas team play the Kingsway Kings. Their first hit out resulted in a loss, but I expect that as the season continues the young South Perth Puma team lead by Jess Lindquist will be a tough opponent! Scarborough Sharks have recruited some new women’s players to their B side that proved to be advantageous. Sharks stole the win from Hawks 4 goals to 3.

Men’s Supa Liga B:

The first game of the season kicked off Friday night at 6:00pm against the ECU Jets and West Perth Bears. The game was evenly matched with the Bears getting the win 2 goals to 1. The Latinos FC started their first ever Supa-Liga game in style with a comfortable 5 – 2 win over Sharks. It will be a great game to watch in Round Two when the Latinos FC face off against West Perth Bears on Friday night at 10:20pm. Northern Hawks are dominating in the men’s competition with a 7- 1 win against Kingsway Kings making it a total of 14 goals scored over the MSLA and B by hawks players in Round One.

Bring on Round Two and watch this space for more exciting news!

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