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Round six Preview Summer 2019/20

MSLB Northern Hawks vs West Perth Bears – The Hawks and Bears 2nd teams have had an inconsistent start to the season, both teams will be looking for a good start to the weekend. Players to watch: Luke McGrath and Nic Davidson. Who Ate All Depay’s vs Scarborough Sharks - The WAAD 2nd team will be wanting to stay in touch with the Pumas while for the Sharks, this match will be about making a statement to kick-start the season. Players to watch: Hermon Habtegergish and Brodie Williamson. Kingsway Kings vs Latinos - The Kingsway Kings may have turned a corner last week with a strong display against the Sharks and will need to be at their best against the Latinos who had their first blip on their radar last week and they need to get their disciplinary issues sorted to stay competitive. Players to watch: Drilon Jusufi and Cesar Perez.

ECU Jets vs Perth Pumas - The Jets had a mini comeback snuffed out last week against the Hawks and will have their backs against the wall this week against table toppers the Pumas. The Pumas have shown their quality, but it's harder to stay on top than to get there. Players to watch: Rory Wilkinson and Joe Higgins.


Scarborough Sharks vs Northern Hawks - The Sharks 2nd women's team have had a great start to the season with a few of the clubs senior players having split game time to help their 2nd squad to develop, while the Hawks having done something similar last season, have mostly stuck with their youngsters this term. Players to watch: Steph Tran and Jess Jahn.

Chico5 vs West Coast Cobras - Both teams started the season slowly but have had positive results recently which means this game will be a good one to watch as may just give the winner the impetus to push on from here. Players to watch: Cainna Dietz and Shelby Cochran.

Kingsway Kings vs Perth Pumas B - The Kings are another club who have given their newer players more game time in their 2nd team this season but young keeper Annie Bourke has been outstanding. Against the Pumas she'll have to continue her good form as the Kings will have their work cut out for them against an excellent group of young players. Players to watch: Anniekah Bourke and Keely Lindquist.

Youth Supa-Liga

Northern Hawks vs Kingsway Kings - The Northern Hawks youth team have had a mixed start to the season and the reigning Champions the Kings will be looking to get themselves back to the top of the table. Players to watch: Matt Barton and Jassim Alshebani.

West Coast Cobras vs Scarborough Sharks - The Cobras and Sharks youth teams are at different places in terms of development with the Cobras a team of good individuals who are finding their feet in futsal while the Sharks have been relying too heavily on one or two players so far. Players to watch: Daniel McKenzie and Taj Murray.

Puma Cubs vs West Perth Bears - The Cubs have had some great performances but their tender years are still limiting them slightly, but this becomes less a factor each week. The Bears have been have been up and down but if they can find a consistent squad, they have players capable of climbing the ladder. Players to watch: Adam Milosavljevic and Lachlan Hannah.

Scarborough Sharks 2 vs Perth Pumas - The top two teams from the league should see a terrific match-up at 3pm Saturday with pace, power and precision in both squads, a great spectacle should be on show but it might just come down to the shot-stoppers. Players to watch: Campbell Williams and Jordan Ferraro.

WSLA Northern Hawks vs Scarborough Sharks - The Hawks and Sharks have had quite a few big contests recently including last season's semi-final that went to a penalty shoot-out. For the Hawks this is about trying to distance themselves from the Sharks, while the Sharks will want to keep pace with the Hawks and Pumas. LIVE-STREAM Players to watch: Jade Paul and Tayna Campos.

Kingsway Kings vs West Coast Cobras - Th. e Kings have started their first Supa-Liga A campaign well but will now start to be tested more often as teams work out who is who. The Cobras have not had a good start to the season but a good win here could help them turn that around. Players to watch: Penelope Clayton and Kizanne Mulder.

MSLA West Perth Bears vs Futsal Factory - The Bears had a good win last time out while perennial contenders Futsal Factory have struggled for a consistent squad early in the season. Both teams have more to gain by pushing for a win than being conservative. Players to watch: Emmanuel Harihiru and Nic Van Der Heiden

West Coast Cobras vs Who Ate All Depay’s - The Cobras have had their best start for several seasons finding themselves in 2nd place while WAAD have slipped to 4th place but will be hoping to arrest their slide this weekend. Both teams are dangerous on the counter-attack, look for lots of broken play in this one. Players to watch: Andreas Bouzinekis and Stefan Beirne.

Phoenix FC vs Northern Hawks - This should be a huge match with the team currently top of the league and last seasons undefeated Premiers. Both teams like to dominate possession with the Phoenix often employing a high pivot where the Hawks often play with 4 players from deeper areas. LIVE-STREAM Players to watch: Rudnei Sheldon and Devon Rindel.

Scarborough Sharks vs Perth Pumas - The last match of the weekend sees former champions the Scarborough Sharks and last seasons Runner-up the Pumas face off. Neither side will be happy with their start to the season but a good result will help one of them stay within touching distance of the top 4. Players to watch: Liam Chapman and Gordon Tiong.

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